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Craftsmanship Made in Sicily

On the slopes of Etna, the Artesole Art Factory,
transform the hot Lava into real design!

Between Art and Crafts

With the material that the Etna volcano offers, ARTESOLE loves to transform into works of art , what appears to many to be a shapeless and soulless gray matter.

This is the thought of the owners who have been able to create their work in complete freedom. In the management of their company, the managerial staff formed by Giuseppe, Gianvito and Michele shares every day the passion for their work . The selection of the raw material and its transformation into furnishing solutions that ARTESOLE offers to its clientele arose from the presence of creative imagination which makes each proposed item unique .

Design and refinement: the leitmotiv that characterizes each complement chosen for sale.

Lava stone to give strength and color, Wood, to give warmth. Iron, to give resistance. Ceramics, to give elegance.

Lava Stone decoration

For this reason, in each product it is possible to find beauty in the shapes and in the decorations , technology in the combination of materials and nature in the materials themselves. Each article expresses a lifestyle, say the owners of talking about their products. So not only design and technology products, but also a valid collaboration service for its customers, in order to grow together.

ARTESOLE has been operating for over forty years on the national and international territory. She conducts her business with professionalism and seriousness and this has guaranteed her a satisfied and aware clientele. In fact, customers follow the sales proposal as they know they can find refinement and avant-garde in the products purchased.

The products it produces cannot lack harmony and innovation : inseparable characteristics in order to give validity to the goods and quality to the service .

Executive team

Gianvito Sorbello

Gianvito Sorbello

– Founding Partner –
Head of the blast furnaces and lava stone enamelling sector

Giuseppe Sorbello

Giuseppe Sorbello

– Director –
Founder of the Artesole brand
(Marketing Manager)

Michele Maugeri

Michele Maugeri

– Founding Partner, Interior Designer –
Head of the design, carpentry and customer relations sector

Staff Artesole

Artesole management team:
Michele – Chiara – Santa – Filippo – Giuseppe – Gianvito

Historical Photo Staff Artesole

Historical photo of Artesole staff

Book: The Story “The Dream Factory” – only in Italian version

From tradition to innovation. An adventure in an ancient world looking to the future

About us

Thank you letter from the President of the United States of America George W. Bush

The monumental table with the coat of arms – including the eagle – created by Giuseppe Sorbello from Giarre for the President of the United States George Bush , is still preserved today to the White House .

Artesole on trade magazines

The Artesole Art Factory is mentioned in magazines and newspapers in the furniture sector.

Recognitions and Awards

Recognitions and Awards at the Artesole Art Factory


Video Artesole on Radio Universal TV

Video Processing at the Artesole factory

The historical writer Salvatore Maugeri and Prof. Nellina Ardizzone 8 June 2019 at the farmhouse “La pietra antica o munti” present the Artesole history book written by Salvatore Maugeri. The book tells the story of the Artesole company since its inception with the first experiments on the ceramicization of lava stone, establishing itself today as a leading company in the furniture sector “Masonry kitchens, tables, garden furniture, floors, coverings and fashion jewelry high quality”.

Conference President of the Etna Lava Stone Consortium Dr. Geologist Alfio Grassi. On the occasion of the presentation of the book-story “Artesole”, he talks about the “La Pietra Lavica in the Etneo area” of the various processes and productions including the ceramic coating of the lava surfaces, focusing in particular on the history of the leading company Artesole di Giarre which transforms the washes in real works of art, such as kitchens, tables, garden furniture and coverings, placing itself at the forefront in the production of innovative lava materials for indoor and outdoor furniture. Lately he has introduced a new production line in the high-quality jewelery / costume jewelery fashion sector.

Presentation of the book of the history of ARTESOLE written by Prof. Salvatore Maugeri at the Istituto Superiore Michele Amari Giarre (Liceo Classico) on May 24, 2019

Thesis on the Artesole company of the pupil Mara Di Benedetto “5 ^ A Liceo Classico M. Amari di Giarre”

Presentation of the book narrating the history of the Artesole art factory. Title: “Artesole – The dream factory – From tradition to innovation – An adventure in an ancient world looking to the future”

Giuseppe Sorbello – ARTESOLE Art Factory – was awarded the prestigious “Oscar of Handicraft 2018” – www.artesole.it