Artesole art creations at giarre
Artesole Giarre art creations

Come and visit us at our headquarters in Giarre, just a few minutes from the Etna Volcano and the Catania airport. In the fascinating setting of the sea, Etna and Taormina. Here the people who have made the history of ARTESOLE will welcome you, ready to accompany you on a journey to discover artistic and elegant furniture, created according to the canons of tradition with top quality materials and rigorously Made in Italy.

Artesole s.r.l.

Street Marsala, 40 – 95014 Giarre – Province of Catania


Store Hours: the time zone is GMT+1
From Monday to Friday: 9 AM – 1 PM ; 2 PM – 6 PM
Saturday 9 AM – 1 PM
Closed on Sunday.

Airport Catania

Catania “Fontanarossa” international airport – 20 minutes

Riposto Port

Riposto tourist port – 10 minutes

Station Giarre-Riposto

Giarre-Riposto railway station – 5 minutes


Taormina – 15 minutes


Etna – 20 minutes

exit highway Giarre

Highway A18 Catania Messina – Giarre exit 2 minutes

Finding an hidden treasure…

God of fire, cyclops with fiery eye. The Etna Volcano dominates with its size the east Sicily.Since ancient times, Etna was related to destruction and rebirth myths and considered mother and witch for the Sicilians. Etna’s eruptions are devastating, infact Catania was once destroyed by them in 1614, but they release a lava stone layer which makes the ground fertile.

Lava gives birth to Giarre’s Atelier Artesole by art creators that model basalt into great artwork. Basalt can be considered trivial and gloomy by many, but is converted into spectacular and fantastic creation. On ceramized lava stone the decorations, inspired by cultures that have been living in this place, shine.

Artesole Atelier is part of “Distretto della Pietra Lavica dell’Etna”, and has made custom furnitures for inside and outside with lava stone, for more than 40 years. Lava stone is an ecological, anti stain, anti corrosion and very strong material.

Franca Dell’Arciprete
From (monthly magazine of Tourism and Leisure)


Etna, the highest volcano in Europe.

Etna is well known all around the world, our volcano gives us spectacular eruptions periodically that fascinate turists from all the countries.Lava’s fountains’ show, the possibility to look at the sea at 3200 m of altitude, watching Eolie isles over the horizon, the unique archaeological, historical and artistic heritage. The overlapping of the various domination are all reflected in the architecture, in the sicilians’ nature and on the typical food. All these things make an holiday in sicily what travelers in 1700 described in one sentence: “Sicily is the key for everything” (Goethe).

However, Etna isn’t only a volcano, it’s mother of an unique resource in physical and chemical properties: lava that comes out the crater which arrives directly from the heart of the Earth.

Once it cools, lava has different features based on: the composition, cooling speed, temperature reached and it can create pumice stone, lapilli that have different sizes, obsidian and compact lava basalt.

From the basalt, Artesole’s atelier obtains its creations that are an art and technology mix. Basalt reaches 1000°C, it’s polished, decorated and ceramized, adding metal oxides based colours and polished silicon inside, therefore Artesole’s creations are amazing and resistant to: weather changes, thermal shock, stains and impacts. You can admire all of these masterpieces during the experiential tour in our agency.

You will be accompanied by one of our experts which will show you creations, techniques and lava stone processing and you will have the chance to touch the incredible quality of atelier Artesole’s products.