Lava stone tables

For 30 years, Artesole has been making custom-made, decorated lava stone tables!

Leader in the creation and decoration of custom-made ceramic lava stone tables – Made in Italy

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Stain resistant

Heat Resistant


Resistant to sunlight

Our hand-decorated ceramic lava stone tables

Decorate your environment with style without sacrificing quality
suitable for indoors and outdoors!
Made in Italy

Each of our processing is customizable. It is possible to create the chosen decoration in tables of any shape (round, rectangular, oval, etc.)
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Our tables made with care and passion

Our tables are made following specific processing techniques which are the result of years and years of experience in the sector. To create a table (the lava stone extracted from the Etna quarries) is first cut and shaped to chosen size, then it is glazed , decorated by hand and finally baked at 950 degrees.
Baking in high ovens takes about 3 days and it is thanks to this procedure that the decorated enamel fuses with the stone, unifying everything. At the end of this artisanal production process, the final result is a product of other artistic value with unique characteristics of its kind.

This type of processing, combined with the high professionalism acquired in 30 years of experience, is able to guarantee the creation of a high quality product with characteristics that you will hardly find elsewhere: resistance to shocks, stains, heat, cold and sunlight.

Our tables are in fact suitable both for indoor environments and for outdoor environments, guaranteeing their durability, are also ecological, hygienic and easy to clean and can be made in any size and shape.

We produce round, oval, rectangular, square, flower-shaped tables, customized shapes and any decoration on our site, even present on different products, can be reproduced on them.

Today we can offer you a product with increasingly sought-after characteristics, enriched with unique decorations entirely handmade. Browsing through our catalog, you can find decorations of all kinds and tastes, from floral decorations to typical Sicilian decorations, from landscape decorations to modern decorations.

Our decorations are also customizable, if you want to make any changes to the chosen decoration, we will always be happy to satisfy any your request. You can also request decorations not present in our catalog, such as landscapes familiar to you or artistic representations of all kinds. For any request please contact us and we will always be ready to realize your idea, always guaranteeing you the utmost seriousness and professionalism that distinguishes us in the sector.

Also remember that distance is not a problem, our shipments are insured and special “reinforced wooden crates” are used specially made by us to transport with the maximum safety your table, all inclusive of base and chairs if required. Today we have satisfied customers all over the world, we have shipped in complete safety also to Australia.

For us customer satisfaction is important and we always guarantee you a product of high quality, durability and beauty that will accompany you day after day in the most important moments of your life.