The Sicilian – limited edition

ARTESOLE Presents:

THE SICILIAN – Limited Edition

The lava stone table from Etna. That matter that the Etna volcano offers, formless and soulless, is transformed into amazing and imaginative creations. On the solidity of the ceramic lava stone, decorations of a thousand colors shine, inspired by the heritage of all the cultures that have crossed the island and by the thousand Sicilian legends.Impressed on our products by the skilled hands of the master decorators of the ARTESOLE Atelier in a limited edition and numbered.

Made in two slabs for a total size of 260 cm (102,36 in) in diameter with a swivel positioned above, also decorated, of 110 (43,30 in) cm in diameter.

Including Base in solid iron made by master craftsmen with revolving support structure in solid iron with rotating bearings.

Equipped with 14 iron chairs with decorated ceramic insert and handcrafted fabric cushions with 5 cm (1,96 in) thick foam rubber interior.

The ideal product to furnish your garden with art and color and make your environment unique and personalized.
Furthermore, lava stone is an absolutely ecological product which, once glazed, is stain resistant, corrosion resistant and highly resistant to bad weather, atmospheric agents and sudden changes in temperature. It is unaffected by detergents and daily cleaning products, stains and bumps.
A unique product born from the skill of ARTESOLE and the quality of the materials used for its creation.

Shipping costs excluded.
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28.000,00 (VAT included)


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